Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the countdown?

Yes, our application includes an easy-to-use editor that lets you customize your countdowns to fit your brand identity.

Does the countdown image update in real-time?

Yes, our application automatically updates your countdown image in inreval from 5 min to 1 day (you can select that before publishing).

Can I publish the countdown directly on my Facebook page?

Yes, our application supports direct publishing to Facebook business pages. You can also share your countdown posts to your Facebook group or personal profile.

Will people see a countdown animation on Facebook?

No, the countdown won't display as an animation. However, the countdown image is updated every few minutes, so each time someone views your post, they will see the relavant time.

Is it possible to do more customizations or custom projects for companies, agencies, or brands?

Absolutely! If you have specific needs or want more customization, just contact us via email with your requirements and we'll be glad to assist you.

Is there a free version? Can I publish a countdown for free?

Yes, we do offer a free version with some limitations. For more details about what's included and the limitations, please visit our pricing page.

Can I use the countdown for Facebook ads creatives?

No, Facebook doesn't allow to use countdowns in ads creatives. However, you can use it in your organic posts. You can pin the countdown post to the top of your page, so it will be the first thing people see when they visit your page.

What update interval means?

Update interval is the time between countdown image updates. For example, if you select 5 minutes, your countdown image will be updated every 5 minutes.

Can I update the countdown text/date/colors after publishing?

Yes, you can update all aspects of your countdown after publishing. You can also change the update interval.