Facebook Countdown to Christmas | How to Publish One

How to Publish Facebook Christmas Countdown

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So, it's that time of year again. The Christmas season is upon us and you're starting to make plans for how you'll celebrate and spread some holiday cheer. Why not start a Christmas countdown on Facebook to build some excitement for your followers leading up to the big holiday?

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to count down to Christmas in style by creating a fun holiday countdown on Facebook. This is the type of the timer regularly updates on your Facebook page until the Christmas. Great thing is, the countdown updates in a single post. So you don't have to schedule multiple posts - your audience will always see the actual time left on your page. A social media Christmas countdown is a great way to stay connected with followers, friends and family during the busy holiday season.

Tutorial: How to Post a Facebook Countdown to Christmas 2023

This is the easiest and quickest way to publish a countdown timer on Facebook Page: Step 1: Choose a Template
Head to the Countdown Timer app and choose from their free, ready-made templates. You can customize any of them however you like.

Selection of countdown templates in the Countdown Timer app

Step 2: Edit the Countdown Settings & Customize the Design
Decide how many days you want to countdown. The standard is the 24 days of Advent from December 1st to Christmas Eve. But you can do a shorter 12 day countdown or extend it to 31 days. It's up to you! Then choose how often it updates - every hour is good for a shorter one, every few hours for longer. Updating every 20 minutes to 2 hours keeps it at the top of people's feeds as a reminder it's getting closer! Build that anticipation up!

Countdown settings and design customization interface

Choose a countdown graphic to use as your cover photo. Select something bright and fun like stockings, a Christmas tree, or a wreath. This helps set the theme and gets people excited for the countdown.

Selection of countdown graphics for cover photo

Step 3: Connect your Facebook Business Page & Publish
Next, link the countdown to your Facebook page, write an exciting caption (we shared some cool ones in this article below) and publish the countdown.

Interface for connecting Facebook Business Page and publishing countdown

Engage your friends and family. Ask questions, tag people in posts, and invite others to share their own holiday memories or traditions. Liking and commenting on their responses helps build excitement.

Following these simple steps will help you create a fun, engaging Christmas countdown your friends and family will look forward to each day. Spreading extra kindness and connection is what the holidays are all about. So put a smile on someone's face and get started with your festive Facebook countdown today!

The Top 5 Benefits of Posting a Christmas Countdown on Facebook 🎄

Counting down the days until Christmas is a fun way to build excitement for the holidays on social media. Here are five benefits of posting a Christmas countdown on Facebook:

⏰ The countdown builds anticipation for Christmas day. Sharing highlights from your own holiday preparations, traditions, and celebrations gives people a glimpse into the Christmas magic happening at your home. Your followers will eagerly await each new day's post to see what's next!

🎁 Engaging with a daily countdown helps bring your Facebook community together. When people comment on your posts, like and share them, or post countdowns of their own, it fosters connection and goodwill. Responding to comments and engaging with others will make the experience even more meaningful.

🎄 A Christmas countdown gives you an opportunity to be creative. You can share DIY craft ideas, recipes, holiday movies or books, favorite Christmas songs, or whatever inspires you. Trying something new each day will keep things interesting for both you and your followers.

🔔 Finally, posting a Christmas countdown just feels good. Doing something each day to spread positivity and joy during the holidays will boost your own mood and spirit. The rewards of bringing a little more light and merriment to others will warm your heart with the true meaning of Christmas.

50 Short Facebook Captions for Christmas Countdown 2023

  • Countdown to Christmas: Tis the season to be merry!
  • X days until Christmas! The excitement is building.
  • It's the most wonderful time of the year, and the countdown is on!
  • The Christmas countdown has begun, let the festivities begin!
  • Countdown to Christmas: Let the magical countdown begin!
  • Tick tock, get ready for jingle bells around the clock!
  • The countdown is on for a holly jolly Christmas!
  • X days until Santa arrives! Get your wish lists ready.
  • The anticipation for Christmas is rising as the countdown ticks away.
  • Countdown to Christmas: Get ready to deck the halls and spread joy!
  • The Christmas countdown has officially started, let the Merry begin!
  • X sleeps until Santa arrives! Are you on the naughty or nice list?
  • The countdown to Christmas is making spirits bright!
  • The wait is almost over! Countdown to a magical Christmas.
  • Santa's coming to town in X days! Have you been good?
  • The Christmas countdown is filling us with glee and joy!
  • Countdown to a season of love, joy, and holiday cheer!
  • Ticking off the days until a Merry Christmas celebration!
  • X days until Christmas magic fills the air!
  • Ready or not, here comes Christmas! Countdown has begun.
  • Countdown to Christmas: Let the festive spirit light up your days!
  • X more sleeps until the most wonderful time of the year!
  • The countdown to Christmas is on, let the countdown to joy begin!
  • Countdown to a season filled with laughter, love, and memories!
  • X days of anticipation until presents under the Christmas tree.
  • The Christmas countdown is bringing joy and cheer all around!
  • The magic of Christmas is just X days away, get ready to be enchanted.
  • Countdown to a season of sharing, caring, and giving!
  • X days of excitement until Santa's sleigh takes flight!
  • The countdown to Christmas is ticking away, let the celebrations begin!
  • Countdown to jolly times and warm memories this Christmas!
  • The countdown is on, get your bells and mistletoe ready!
  • X more days until we sing carols and exchange gifts.
  • The Christmas countdown is making everything merry and bright!
  • Countdown to Christmas: Let the joyous preparations begin!
  • X days until we gather around the tree and make merry memories.
  • The countdown to the merriest time of the year has begun.
  • Tis the season of countdowns and magical moments.
  • Countdown to a season filled with love, hope, and Christmas cheer!
  • X days until we unwrap the joy and love of Christmas.
  • The Christmas countdown is bringing the spirit of giving alive!
  • Countdown to a festive season filled with love and togetherness.
  • X more sleeps until we celebrate the wonder of Christmas.
  • The countdown to a cozy, joyful Christmas is on!
  • The Christmas countdown is making everything sparkle and shine!
  • Countdown to a season filled with peace, harmony, and goodwill.
  • X days of excitement until we hear sleigh bells jingle.
  • The countdown to Christmas is creating a magical atmosphere!
  • Countdown to Christmas: Let the merry celebrations begin!
  • X days until we gather 'round, sing carols, and embrace the magic of Christmas.


So there you have it, five great reasons to start planning your Christmas countdown posts for social media. While the holidays can be a stressful time, sharing some extra cheer on Facebook is an easy way to make the season bright for friends and family. Posting cute pictures of decorating the tree or baking Christmas cookies, sharing an inspirational message each day, or just using the countdown to spread goodwill can help recapture the magic of Christmas. Starting a countdown is also a fun personal challenge and helps build momentum and anticipation for the big day. Why not give it a try this year? Your friends will surely appreciate the extra dose of holiday spirit. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying Christmas day and feeling good knowing you brought others some extra joy along the way.

Got questions? Need help setting up a Christmas Countdown on Facebook? Contact us in the live chat, and we'll assist you as soon as possible!

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