How to post an auto updating Countdown on Facebook?

Create a buzz with an easy-to-follow tutorial on crafting and posting a countdown on Facebook for your upcoming event.

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You may wonder - how does the updating countdown work? Well, you simply choose an edible template on Countdown Timer App, enter your event name, end date, updating interval and tweak the design. The tool gives you options to choose different background, colors, fonts, and styles. Once you're ready, you just publish the countdown on Facebook as a post.

A unique feature is that Countdown Timer App automatically updates a single countdown post on Facebook with the new numbers every half an hour (or less/more often) until your event starts. That way you don’t have to schedule multiple countdown posts on your page, which I find very annoying.

Step-by-Step Guide to Post a Countdown on Facebook

You must already have in mind an event you want to countdown to, like a product launch, contest, or a holiday. The more interesting the event, the more engaging your countdown will be. Here's how to create an engaging countdown post that constantly updates:

Step 1: Go to the Editor and select a template.

Choosing a countdown template on the Countdown Timer App.

Step 2: Set the end date of your countdown. A countdown of 7-14 days is best to keep followers engaged.

Setting the end date for the countdown.

Step 3: Set the Interval - the frequency of updating the countdown. If you set the Interval to 1 hour, you countdown on Facebook will re-update every hour.

Setting the update interval for the countdown.

Step 4: Add eye-catching text and get creative with fonts, colors and background.

Customizing the text, fonts, colors, and background of the countdown.

Step 5: Click the following button to connect your Facebook Page.

Note: You can add a countdown ONLY to a Business Page on Facebook. It's also possible to share a countdown from a Business Page to a Facebook Group.

Connecting the countdown to a Facebook Business Page.

Step 6: Draft unique caption for your Facebook countdown to give followers more details and encourage interaction. Mention the event, use hashtags, and ask questions to spark conversation. Press Publish when ready.

Drafting a unique caption for the Facebook countdown post.

The Facebook Countdown is now published:

The published Facebook countdown post.

You can always go back to the Editor, open your post and disable updating the countdown earlier by clicking on Stop Updating button. Or you can update your post on the fly and changes will be reflected on Facebook.

Option to stop updating the countdown or make changes on the fly.


So there you have it, everything you need to know to create an engaging countdown on Facebook. Using a Countdown Timer App to create your Facebook countdown timer makes the whole process super easy. Your followers will love seeing the anticipation build as the big day gets closer and closer. And the best part is, once your countdown is set up, the Countdown Timer App does all the work for you so you can focus on preparing for your exciting event! Go ahead and give it a try—you’ve got this!

Got questions? Need help posting a countdown on Facebook? Contact us in the Live Chat, and we'll assist you as soon as possible!

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